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A Poem’s Reflection

It starts out a little top heavy
the first line so weighted down with its own importance
that is has to sink to the second stanza:
the spark of an idea around which the lesser lines crowd

There’s usually a trail of water drops leading up to it
because all good ideas strike in the shower
(it’s always the shower)
and will be lost in the time it takes to comb or dry or dress

It’s never quite comfortable in its own skin
but isn’t sure how to make itself into something else
Like an imperfect reflection on water
you know there’s something there

It looks a lot like me
mixed with a lot of “not me” and
it’s never sure which of those it wants you to believe
of yourself or of it.

It’s content on its own
(although maybe that’s making a virtue of necessity)
but it always has hope:
of touching and being touched

It wants to be felt, not read
To lead a quiet life in the pauses between your thoughts
but is afraid it’s more bat
than the reverberation of the hit



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Story genesis: Six Minute Story