It was a small project initially
that quickly encountered unexpected obstacles.
Manageable, although additional work
had to be put in with long hours spent
devising work-arounds
and creative solutions
that were hidden by the care taken
in polishing the presentation

It was at the mid-point
that the problem was identified.
A miscommunication maybe,
or the goal misunderstood from the start.
The sickening sensation that
every step taken
had moved in the wrong direction
and years of effort were wasted

The Project Manager called together the committee,

Someone called for her resignation
but was quickly shot down.
Another suggested pushing forward
in hopes the final product might be acceptable.
The joker in the back
voted for a fast red sports car
and maybe finding a new position with a start-up –
trading security for the lure of the unknown

At the end of it all, left on the table:
how to determine what criteria to use
evaluating future decisions
when every step taken up until now
seemed like the right one … or at least necessary.
Nothing to do now but confess the mistakes made,
nod to “This wasn’t where I thought we’d be at this point,”
and admit failure to that younger self

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